Author: Tanisha Yadav

The Elite 26.2

When I walked into a sports superstore in my city a few years ago, I was drawn towards a particular brand. It catered to all the merchandise a runner would need. The name lingered in my mind the entire time I was at the store. I had a strong inkling that the brand name was…
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Chase Your Dreams

  I have faith in dreams; for they do exist. Because when I sleep, they are my bliss. I have faith in dreams Because sometimes they don’t let me sleep. When I hear the beat of my feet; I forget reality. It’s just me and the 100-metre leap. I have faith in dreams; For they…
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Athletes during COVID pandemic

“Marathon is like life. We have many courses in the world-flat courses, uphill and downhill. This period of Covid-19 is like an uphill course, where we need to live in a slow way, in a positive way, in order to finish the race well”, says world marathon icon Eliud Kipchoge. Who better to look up…
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