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Exploring yoga for athletes

  The philosophy of yoga is one of the greatest contributions Indian culture has given to mankind. The virtues of yoga cannot be extolled enough. Yoga is definitely for everyone and has been gaining popularity as a performance enhancer for athletes. It benefits athletes in various ways as sports is both a mind and a…
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The Elite 26.2

When I walked into a sports superstore in my city a few years ago, I was drawn towards a particular brand. It catered to all the merchandise a runner would need. The name lingered in my mind the entire time I was at the store. I had a strong inkling that the brand name was…
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Chase Your Dreams

  I have faith in dreams; for they do exist. Because when I sleep, they are my bliss. I have faith in dreams Because sometimes they don’t let me sleep. When I hear the beat of my feet; I forget reality. It’s just me and the 100-metre leap. I have faith in dreams; For they…
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Athletes during COVID pandemic

“Marathon is like life. We have many courses in the world-flat courses, uphill and downhill. This period of Covid-19 is like an uphill course, where we need to live in a slow way, in a positive way, in order to finish the race well”, says world marathon icon Eliud Kipchoge. Who better to look up…
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Jamaica running culture

Our visit to Jamaica : Unlocking their secrets of success in the sprinting world

The primary focus of visiting Jamaica was to understand how they sustain and support their athletics ecosystem, what are the few significant bottlenecks in an athletes journey, and how has Jamaica broken these bottlenecks for their athletes.We landed in Jamaica on 8th June, one day before “Adidas racers grand Prix” at their national stadium, one…
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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt-Rags to rapid riches (Part II)

Resuming from our earlier blog post on Bolt which ended on a “cliff-hanger,” let us dwell some more light on the second phase of Usain’s career. This second phase had blinding spotlights amid Bolt who had courted several world records on his hay day. 2008 Beijing Olympics: The Day he became a legend At the 2008…
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Usain Bolt-Rags to rapid riches (Part I)

Have you been so successful not just to own the spotlight but adorn it like it’s your birthright? Naysayers are usually irked at such high levels of confidence. However, for the yellow speedster being a little shy is not an option. Unless, it is the world record time of a track event. On hindsight, yellow…
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The Invisible Struggle : Mental Health and Sports

Imagine a common scenario, two athletes on the bench. One struggling with depression, and one recovering from surgery to repair a ruptured ligament. Which seems more severe? Glaring social stigma points to the athlete with the physical injury. But mental illnesses are just as detrimental to performance.The issue of mental health is often stigmatized and…
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Dealing with Bullying in Sports

Bullying is a growing problem in sport and performance settings. Bullying falls under the umbrella of “athlete maltreatment,” which includes any form of harm and all relationships where harm could occur in sport and performance. It is a common and serious problem rooted in a complex interplay of micro- and macro level dynamics. All parties…
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Indian Athletes

The grim reality of Indian Sports

When it comes to sports, India sure punches well below its weight. To put India’s sports performance in context, Michael Phelps has won as many Olympic medals on his own as Team India has managed since 1900. Besides other factors, one of the major reasons is the lack of a sporting culture. Most of the…
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