Sports Corps

0-6 age group

The NSC will provide play materials to pre-schools which will aid in improving of cognitive and language skills of kids. They will provide skill support to make the schools inclusive for differently abled - by providing ability appropriate equipments to encourage enrolment of differently abled kids

7-14 age group

NSC will use sports as an intervention tool to retain children in schools and increase their attendance rates by creating safe play areas to provide professional sports specific training. Consequently, they will bring systemic changes in schools, by increased interaction and involvement of children of all genders and abilities at grassroots level. Bridges of Sports will identify and nurture grassroots talent by supporting them to participate at taluk, district, state and national level sports tournaments.

Bridges of Sports will identify and support potential talent by connecting them to elite government and private sports academies. We will provide skill development courses to kids finishing secondary education to enable them to become community coaches and local sports entrepreneurs.

Post the

NSC members will be part of an alumni network, guided by Bridges of Sports to create inclusive community centres. They will be encouraged to be involved as community leaders, sports administrators, teachers, coaches and policy makers to mobilise a people’s movement to support the cause for using sports as a social development tool

These targets, we believe are collective goals which Bridges of Sports Foundation will work towards - through collaborations with NGO’s, corporates and government organisations.

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