Top Athletes

The aim of the programme is to create pathways to excellence for emerging talent, and to support long-term athlete development in a scientific manner.

Ravi Kiran Siddi

Sprinter. 17 yrs old. 100m: 11.01 sec

“Before I began training, I used to run in a different way but here we have to run in a particular way and I learnt that through the coach. In the future, I want to keep training and run nationally and maybe even internationally”

Florina Siddi

Sprinter. 13yrs old. 100m: 13.95 sec

“I come from a family of runners,but due to lack of opportunities,none of them could pursue their dreams.Because of our physical appearance, we are considered outsiders.I want to train as hard as I can to represent India in Olympics”


Middle distance runner. 16yrs old. 1500m: 5.1 min

“My sister is a national level athlete, she inspired me to take up running and work hard towards it. My father is a daily wage worker and I hope to also help him out financially by pursuing sports as a career”

Sunitha Jadhav

Middle distance runner. 15yrs old. 800m: 2.5 min

“My parents are very supportive of my interests in sports, my brother is also a national level athlete, I wish to become a national level athlete and also dream of getting into a college through sports “

Sushmita SS

Sprinter. 11yrs old. 100m: 16 sec

“I run,because I love running and coach tells us that the earlier you begin to train,the greater the chance of making it to the top”


Sprinter. 9 yrs old.

“I just want to run fast and beat everyone else” – Kevin is our youngest athlete and is the most enthusiastic learner in our program


Sprinter. 17yrs old. 400m: 69 sec

“I started running by racing my elder sister to school. I wish to join the army, but I am scared I might be married off right after school,just like my elder sister”

Sushmita Siddi

Long distance runner. 14yrs old. 5000m: 21.1 min

“My day starts with running and ends with running, I can run all day, everyday, but need to learn the techniques to able to represent India one day”