Core Team

Nitish Chiniwar

There is a need for everyone to get opportunity to learn, play and excel in sports. Everyone deserves a chance, at least a basic chance and this is vision behind the origins of BoS

Enakshi Rajvanshi
Communication Consultant

Entering the social sector, knowing that your advocacy will have a direct influence on lives of those whose voices our waiting to be heard, is extremely rewarding. Being a sportsperson and a sports enthusiast, the concept of social development through sports, and my inclination towards solving real world problems is what drew me into it

Tenzin Choejor Zongpa
Performance Scientist

The social and grass root sporting factors associated with BoS provides me the opportunity to learn many new lessons and serve the capable yet undiscovered talents of the community. BoS gives you the reason to dream and also to go for the extra mile

Shikha Phillips
Sports Scientist R&D

BoS is a foundation directly involved in the training and upliftment of the raw talent residing in our country. Its endeavour of personal empowerment of athletes as well as aiming sports excellence at the grassroot level, is what makes me thrilled to be a part of it

Kumar Mantavya
Product Manager

Today, talent is distributed evenly, but opportunity is not. I want to create an ecosystem where there is no place for such dissonance

Rizwan Bendigeri
Head Coach

There was always  a lack of basic sporting needs faced by the local talented kids. BoS entering the scene bridged the gap between the talent and opportunity. The constant update of the coaches with latest sciences provides an over all upgrade of the system in the region

Bhagyashree Karkare
Performance Therapist

Happiness lies in living to make a difference in others lives and the society. BOS is giving me an opportunity to bring out the best talents for a brighter future in Indian athletics. Together we can and we will

Advisory Committee

Gautam John
Director of Strategy at Nilekani Philanthropies

Gautam John is the Director of Strategy at Nilekani Philanthropies. He previously served Akshara Foundation, building their Karnataka Learning Partnership and at Pratham Books building their open source publishing model. 

Sourav Mukherji
IIMB Chair of Excellence

Sourav Mukherji has worked with IBM and Oracle in product management functions and for the Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant. He also has interest in inclusivity and social enterprises and has received UNDP Fellowship for Research in Inclusive Business Models and Villgrow Fellowship for Research on Social Entrepreneurship.

Shikha Tandon
With over 37 international and 146 national medals, and 75 national records in swimming, she is passionate about developing education and sport in India. She has previously worked at the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and currently works as director of global partnerships at Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics (Svexa).