Bridging Racial inequity

Pursuit of excellence should exist for everyone and has a power to shift norms of racial injustice to build long lasting bridges for systemic change. Racial inequity hinders the ability of people from certain communities, gender, ethnicity to reach out and seek support towards excellence. Integrating knowledge towards excellence into community's culture enables them to build agency which can catalyse their socio-economic integration with larger society

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Hyperlocal excellence ecosystem

Building agency in the community

We are building hyperlocal sports ecosystem around racially oppressed communities to sustainably produce India's best athletes. Enabling them to build agency and become part of the larger socio-economic structure of the society.


80% of all the current resources developed from within community.

Proximate leadership

building and shifting power to the community, with the community


developing resources and skill sets in the community to sustain the ecosystem

Secured Future

future proofing their career, either as professional athletes or coaches

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Partnerships with best in the world

ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader of education in sport performance. They have trained over 100 Olympians and won over 40 olympic medals in the last few decades. We are working closely with them and their partners to ensure our training and athlete development programs are best in class.

Our Team

These are the people working behind the scenes, to make impossible-possible

Nitish Chiniwar

founder, leader, no followers

Tenzin Zongpa

head of performance, can’t run

Kunga Tsering

performance therapist, singer

Josni Jhonson

psychologist, can't read minds

Jeet Shah

strength coach, asks too many questions

Rijwan Bendigeri

track coach, if you are in town – he will know

Our Advisory Board

Our advisors, Our strength and Builders

Gautam John

Director of Strategy, Nilekani Philanthropies

Anand Raghavan

Co-Founder at Armorblox

Shikha Tandon

Olympian, Global Partnerships, SVEXA

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Our Partners

There have been innumerable individuals and corporates who have supported us through our journey – we thank each one of them

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