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We train children from the tribal and underserved communities to develop their untapped sporting potential

We work in few of the most backward communites/tribes in India to provide them with the opportunity to train, excel and have a career in sports. To give their sporting talent an equal chance to overcome all barriers and rise above.

Accessibility to Sports

We are creating an inclusive grassroots ecosystem by sustainably  providing sports training for children between 6-18 years,with a rigorously structured


PATANG- Planning Athletic Training and Nurturing Grassroots Development.We have developed our operational efficiencythrough gamification – to train children for just 99 INR/month/child


Only the best talent – who are within 20% of international recordsdiscovered through PATANG – go through a curated Athlete pathway – which supports their journey to excellence

India’s first time-based grassroots league

“Kites rise against, not with the wind”

With this motto, we inspire every such child who is deprived of opportunities and guidance to strive to achieve their full potential and elevate their sport. PATANG community sports league provides an equal opportunity to the children of backward communities to develop and compete against the best.


By 2020 we will be training 100,000 tribal children from the states of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh
and Odhisa to make India, one of the powerhouses in athletics

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Become a part of the Indian sports movement and touch lives of millions of kids.
The next athlete standing on the podium at the biggest stage of all could be there because of your support.


It only takes 99 INR/month to provide sports training to one child. Support us in our mission to train 100,000 children by 2020

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Over the last 12 months, our work has been recognized and backed by these organizations.

Book A Smile, Ketto
Deshpande Foundation's Sandbox Samvidha
N/Core, Nudge Foundation


Thank you for choosing to support the children through the athlete pathway and helping them strive for excellence. You can also choose to adopt an athlete for just INR 5000/Month! Drop in a mail to to know more.

I am an avid history buff, recently I came across a couple of youtube videos which showed the plight of the Siddi community and the state they live in. 

Rahul Nair : Currently supporting one of our upcoming athlete
Shalini Siddi

There is a need for everyone to get opportunity to learn, play and excel in sports. Everyone deserves a chance, at least a basic chance. 

Nitish Chinwar: Currently supporting one of our fastest athletes
Ravi Kiran

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