What we do

Identifying Communities

We identify socially and economically backward communities with an inherent inclination, attributes or interest in track athletics. One of them are Indo-African Siddi community based in Uttra Kannada district of Karnataka. Here we are building one of India’s first hyperlocal talent identification and development system.

Hyperlocal Talent Identification

Taking the Holistic Approach

We visited both Kenya and Jamaica, to have an understanding of their running culture. We delved deeper into interconnections between how athletics has economically benefitted especially for Kalenjin people of Kenya.

Identify Young

Athletic meets are conducted throughout the district to identify young children with potential


Accommodation and training for athletes, designed by our team under mentorship of elite coaches around the world


Inhouse cook to implement the indiviualised nutritional plans for all atheltes

Secured Future

Future proofing their career, either as professional athletes or coaches

Reach out to us to develop projects for your community

In the last 4 years, we have consulted 10+ government & non-profit entities on development projects to evaluate 100,000+ data points of 2500+ children from tribal communities across 3 states of India. We have provided 10,000+ additional livelihood hours for these communities & over 300,000+ hours of sports training.