Last week, Bangalore played host to a one of a kind – the “Leaders in Sports” summit. Over two dynamic days, global sports representatives and media influencers gathered to discuss the future of Indian sports, setting the stage for a decade of innovation and growth.

The summit was represented by few of the pioneering leaders working towards developing sports in India and globally

The summit’s primary goal was to bring together key players in India’s sports industry, catalyze discussions, and foster growth in India. This unprecedented collaboration among global leaders not only spotlighted India’s commitment to evolving its sports landscape but also set the stage for groundbreaking developments, both on and off the field. Bridges of Sports Foundation was proud to be part of this summit, sharing our journey and laying the foundation for how we could look into value creation for sports in social sector.

Bridges of Sports Foundation was part of panel discussion around how sports is making social impact in India and it’s role in shaping the larger sporting industry.

Indian sports is now reaching a tipping point and very confident of success of Indian athletics and sports in general. It was a great moment for us, as we were able to add in the belief that india can succeed in sprinting too and we have all the resources to achieve success in sprinting in india. We look forward to building on a lot more collaborations and continue to strengthen our work. More importantly we reiterated the fact that there is good value for brands to be associated with developing young talent at grassroots and being part of their journey from early years.

Bridges of Sports Foundation sharing it’s journey of how sports excellence and it’s social impact can be looked through the same lens.

India’s sports market, a hotbed of innovation, showcased record-setting commercial deals and a growing global influence. Serving as a nexus, the summit connected global leaders who shared ambitious plans to propel growth regionally and internationally.

The “Leaders Meet: India x RCB Innovation Lab” session was a standout, featuring insights from sports icons like Neeraj Chopra who has defined javelin for India and Smriti Mandana who is redefining an era of women’s cricket. They discussed the exciting prospects of the upcoming decade and how the audiences are getting inclusive with every sport. 

Smriti Mandana talked in depth about women sports and how more girls are now embracing sport in India

A other focal points were the integration of technology in sports, from advanced training methods to cutting-edge analytics. Women sports and how we need to look at developing women sports from a separate lens was an important point of discussion among many speakers. Discussions also centered on keep fans at core of sports strategy and their engagement through coming years would be critical for global sports, highlighting the nation’s ascent as a true sporting powerhouse.

We emphasised on our own strategy of making fans a core part of our growth strategy and how we could develop a strong retail channels for fans to contribute to the work we do at Bridges of Sports Foundation.

Looking ahead, the next decade holds immense promise for Indian athletics, poised to break into the global stage. The nation is harnessing the power of its 1.4 billion people, boasting an audience for every sport. The missing piece of the puzzle, however we beileve is stronger focus on developing technical accumen at youth and juniors levels.

Neeraj Chopra shared his journey and how he thinks the focus should continue to be on developing grassroots sports in India.

A prevailing theme resonated strongly—the narrative of India as a prominent hub for sports opportunities. Fuelled by a passionate sports culture and a rapidly expanding market, India stands on the brink of innovation and unprecedented growth. The existence of diverse leagues, burgeoning talents, and a flourishing sports culture collectively positions India as the prospective epicenter for the sports business in the coming years.

Abhinav Bindra emphasised on athlete well being and how it should be at the centre of delivering performance.

Brand collaboration becomes a potent tool in this pursuit. By leveraging the stories of upcoming talents, brands can set a tone that resonates with the diverse and passionate Indian audience. The narratives of these emerging stars not only captivate but also inspire, creating a symbiotic relationship between brands and the sports community.The summit’s inclusivity extended to non-profit organizations, recognizing their role in the broader sports ecosystem.

In conclusion, the “Leaders in Sports” summit in Bangalore signifies a revolutionary chapter in India’s sporting journey. As the nation gears up for a decade of growth, the convergence of global leaders, local talents, and industry influencers sets the stage for an era characterized by innovation, collaboration, and a celebration of achievements. This summit establishes the foundation for India’s enduring influence on the global sporting stage, ushering in an era where brand collaboration and compelling narratives propel Indian sports into the international spotlight. Get ready to witness the empowerment of Indian sports!

Photo Credits : Leaders in Sports, Royal Challengers Bangalore